Abby Rivera

Please support me (right of picture) as I run with Team NCSY in the 2023 Jerusalem Marathon!

NCSY has impacted my life in so many ways and is one of the reasons why I live a Torah lifestyle. I was an active participant in NCSY programming all throughout high school and held positions on chapter board and Midwest regional board, which really gave me the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so much to me throughout the years. NCSY provides a variety of different programming for teens all over the U.S., including summer programming in Israel. Please donate to help NCSY continue to change lives, just as it did mine. Anything helps!


  • Minna Katz - ₪86.86
  • Heather Tzall - ₪125.08

    You got this

  • Bethanne Neroni - ₪86.86
  • Sholom Rand - ₪187.63

    L'iluy Nishmas Bas Sheva Basha bas Baruch A"H Good luck!

  • Rivka Abramchik - ₪62.54

    Continued success and growth to you and your team!!

  • Ed Rivera - ₪173.95

    Love You Abby!! Good Luck!! Dad

  • Alexandra Emtsova - ₪176.95

    Go Abby! We miss you in Vegas

  • Yoni and Malka Moskowitz - ₪127.41

    Go Abby!!

  • Barry & Shari Otis - ₪258.16

    Way to go Abby! We love you, Mom & Barry