Adam Siegel

Hey my name is Adam Siegel and I am running in the 2020 Jerusalem Marathon for NCSY Israel! Throughout high school and today, NCSY played a very important role in sparking my Jewish journey, just like many other teens throughout the many years. This incredible organization is there to inspire young Jews in order that they have a very fulfilling future and a love for their Jewish identity and their relationship with God. NCSY really brings the fire of Judaism to many peoples hearts, and supporting this amazing organization is the least I can do for everything NCSY has done for me. The money that I am raising is for many more teens to be inspired and to turn their life towards meaning and happiness. I hope you can help me reach my goal of 1000 NIS (shekel) and help NCSY inspire more and more teens that are on the road to becoming the next Jewish leaders. Thank you!


  • Judith Siegel - $75.00

    Good luck. This sounds awesome !!!

  • Anonymous - $20.00