NCSY Israel is the premier organization in Israel, dedicated to connect, inspire, and empower teen olim to the Land of Israel by encouraging passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition. Since 2015, NCSY Israel has enhanced teen olim’s religious and national connection to Israel, positively impacted their attitude towards National Service, and have provided integration support to acclimate into Israeli Society. Through specially designed programming that builds and strengthens connections to Torah, Jewish and Israeli society, and the State of Israel, NCSY Israel fosters self-confidence and a sense of pride to be Israeli. As the only Israeli youth movement designed specifically for olim, NCSY Israel provides immigrant teens with the leadership skills and confidence to positively impact the State of Israel through army service, National Service, involvement in chesed and eventually building their families and careers in Israel.

This year TEAM NCSY will be running in memory of Yosef Newman, Yosef Refael ben Chaim. Yosef always exemplified what it meant to maintain a positive spirit, an open heart, and unwavering faith in the goodness of HaKadosh Baruch Hu. He was, and is, a rare and true paradigm of simcha, chesed, ahavat hatorah, and yirat Hashem. Even from a young age Yosef devoted himself to Torah learning and always maintained that as a central part of his life. We are honored to dedicate our marathon efforts as an aliyah for his neshama.
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