Yoel David

Please support me as I run with Team NCSY in the 2023 Jerusalem Marathon!
NCSY Israel is the premier organization in Israel, dedicated to inspire and connect teen olim to the Land of Israel through exciting social events and Shabbatonim. Hundreds of teen olim get a chance to connect to one another and receive mentorship from college aged Madrichim to navigate through life and Aliyah.
Help me reach my goal by donating and sharing this page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All of the money that Team NCSY raises will go toward inspiring more teens throughout Israel!

Thank you for your support!


  • Nuri David - ₪247.23

    LETS GO YOEL! Good luck!

  • Avraham Lipman - ₪20.00

    Go Yoel!!!! Keep being awesome!

  • אלישע קאופמן - ₪120.00

    You The man

  • Tuviah Perlmann - ₪25.00

    Go Yoel go!!! You got this bro

  • Lev Blinder - ₪50.00

    For my friend Yoel

  • Netanel and Michal David - ₪350.23

    To my AWESOME cousin Yoel!! Keep up the good work and the run should be amazing!!

  • Herb & Rochel Krantman - ₪180.00

    Sabba says: "Run like the wind"!So happy you're participating in NCSY!